Plane collector

Title:Plane collector

Author:Mangy skin dog

Description:In fact, being struck by thunder is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, Lin Shu had an adventure after being struck by thunder. There is an extra tattoo on the wrist of the left hand. Just press the tattoo with your thumb to enter the well-known film plane. My task is to collect the level soul items assessed by the level collection system. In BiohazardPlane, ask Wesker for a copy of T virus. Win Eddie’s nzt-48 in the endless plane. In ant man, steal Scott’s ant man uniform. In iron man, take away Stark’s latest armor. On the plane of Hulk, take off the springiness of hulkPants. Er, it turns out that these are your underpants. PS: the work has been signed, and the author will ask for collection, recommendation and maintenance in more than 500 positions (=^_ ^=

Author: miven

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