Pioneer will

Title:Pioneer will

Author:Hissing Dolphin

Description:Ten years ago, humans invented the world’s first implantable thinking program, alpha dog. : / /. Longtengx. Is a thinking program, which enables an adult who has no foundation in go to win over professional Jiuduan chess in a formal game after three to five months of systematic learningHands. Since then, the barrier between genius and mortals has been broken. Human beings have entered the fourth era, the era of brain dimension. Thinking weaving, human modeling and skeletonization are the three keys to the new century, opening the door to human evolution. At the same time, the discovery of the grey world has set off an upsurge of exploration all over the worldThe debate has just begun. Era changes, battle flag in front, who is the pioneer? Who are the martyrs? Who is the hunter? Who is the prey?

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