Pet animal system in the new world

Title:Pet animal system in the new world

Author:Wolf’s dream

Description:In the 21st century, when an unknown cosmic storm swept the whole earth, all thermal weapons on the earth failed, and all birds and animals mutated, human beings began a long journey of struggle, and created the most magical pet animal system. Everyone can have their own pet animal system to fight for survival, friendship and friendshipIn the face of powerful power, ou HaoChen is just a common little man. But when he enters the zoo and chooses a dying silver moon wolf, does he think his life is plain? When the silver moon wolf comes out, he knows that he has saved a wolf king, the beast king of the zoo! His life has changed, full of fierce animalsIs it really so simple to strive to survive? Does this storm really only affect the earth? What else will happen… Looking forward to the new world

Author: miven

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