Part time jobs in time and space

Title:Part time jobs in time and space

Author:Forget about Sanli

Description:Li Xiang is a poor guy. One day, Li Xiang was recruited by a strange firm and signed a part-time contract. Li Xiang’s life changed, he began to see all kinds of strange creatures, began to shuttle in all time and space. He worked for time and space office to earn a small salary. But Li Xiang likes the workers here very much: / / / longtengx. Because of the welfare, they are all beautiful girls! This book is relaxed and pleasant, with all kinds of brain opening plots. It is a must read story after dinner. Through the background: crown of evil – Tutor – Dungeon – death: / / / LongtENGx. – Longzhu, the main plot world, small plots to join at any time. The book Q group 297821089 questions, the answer is the name of the book, interested in reading

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