Parasitic Dynasty

Title:Parasitic Dynasty

Author:Bite the dog

Description:One day, with the sun’s orbit, the earth entered a cosmic dust cloud. The cosmic dust is polishing the oxygen protection ring. While the earth’s ecology is completely destroyed, the black sand all over the sky blocks the sun. At the same time, a strange insect in the dust cloud fell to the ground like a raindrop. therefore…… The world is dark, civilization is almost stagnant, and mankind has entered a black end. It’s the end of parasitism. Some people say that the insects that fall like raindrops are that wherever they pass, all civilizations are destroyed. But some people think that they should be called, they are better than the locusts in the universe, they will not destroy WenMing, only possess civilization – they incarnate as human officials, scientists, religious pioneers, soldiers and your family From politics, science, religion, military, emotion

Author: miven

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