Parallel record

Title:Parallel record

Author:Memories of the past and the present

Description:Chen Yifei, a country student of Bolang University. Study in physics department, part-time with Blu ray lab. In order to win the love of shangguanyun, he took part in the dream building project and finally became the super new human, Shihuang. When the dream building project was completed, it suddenly changed. Wormhole opens, the more space Another parallel world, Chen YifeiAcross the wormhole. He lost all the memories of the other world, like a newborn baby. He didn’t know who he was, where he came from, where he was going This is a magical world, and the development of intelligent life body civilization has reached a pinnacle. In this world, the vast sea of stars, he can still meet thatDo you want to see her? Shangguanyun, how can the lost love continue? Everything, in the end is doomed, or another conspiracy

Author: miven

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