On behalf of heaven

Title:On behalf of heaven Author:My right hand Description:On that day, our classmates got together for dinner and served a special dish Top secret torture! Shock! blood will have blood! Take your dog’s life!

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The Apocalypse of evolution

Title:The Apocalypse of evolution Author:Jiuxian imperial sword Description:Born back five years ago, this world will set foot on the top! “Evolution Division: from one star to nine stars, above the nine stars, there are 14 ranks of king, emperor, emperor,…

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My years as a magic wand

Title:My years as a magic wand Author:Scarlet tattoo Description:On ghost day, the master threw me into the coffin and asked me to be careful when I left. But who would have thought that from then on, the nun would come…

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Ghost gasps

Title:Ghost gasps Author:A knife for evil spirits Description:In 2013, I went bankrupt by accident, and my girlfriend left me. In desperation, I embarked on a road of digging and robbing graves. A strange and strange world unfolded before my eyes….

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Hunting house

Title:Hunting house Author:太赫兹 Description:I’m not a God, so I’m trampled by the world. So I use the universe as a hunting ground to make myself stronger. Later, I became a God, but the world can’t accommodate me, but I don’t…

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The black trend of female match in the last age

Title:The black trend of female match in the last age Author:Morning in the rain Description:Zhang Yue had a dream that their world had turned into a cruel and merciless end. She was betrayed by her best friend and abandoned by…

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There are only 22 people left

Title:There are only 22 people left Author:Siping’s little doodle Description:When the protagonist wakes up, he finds that all the people around him have disappeared. Later, he only finds another 21 surviving humans. Where have disappeared human beings gone? Who is…

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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