Dou Zhan Fantian

Title:Dou Zhan Fantian Author:The heart is like blue and white porcelain Description:Rising from the wilderness, is it against chaos or compromise? Falling in self love and hate, is it a God or a devil? Cut off the sky of the…

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Eternal ghost respect

Title:Eternal ghost respect Author:Less wind in the heart Description:The way of heaven is sinking, and catastrophe is coming; The underworld is broken and reincarnation disappears. The catastrophe of the immortal Buddha is an alarm for the destruction of mankind. Can…

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The proud sword devours the sky

Title:The proud sword devours the sky Author:There is no wind at the moment Description:When the sword rises, the wind rises and the clouds surge. When the sword falls, the world loses its color. The foot breaks through the eight wastelands…

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Alien eternal Era

Title:Alien eternal Era Author:Meteor night Description:The creator God, a God who created all things, created everything in the world, including gods, elements and a grain of dust. But one day, the creator God left the world! No one even knows…

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Sword of heaven

Title:Sword of heaven Author:Nancheng Dugu Ren Description:A sword, a heart, a solid hand. The road is long, only a long sword. Ah, restaurant, good wine!

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Grant British throne

Title:Grant British throne Author:Self painted Tianze Description:One man, one sword, fight against demons all over the sky alone. I have a sword, a special sword. A legendary journey that belongs to me will begin when I get this sword

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Divine trace boundary

Title:Divine trace boundary Author:Upstairs icicles Description:The waste firewood boy was struck by thunder and gained special ability. What if he can’t die? From then on, the road to the peak of cultivation was opened.

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Mystery dream classic

Title:Mystery dream classic Author:Mo Tianyi Description:A thought on life, a dream performance of thousands of illusions, life has its meaning. The knower is geometry. I want to dream thousands of illusions and find the true meaning. I want to stay…

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Legend of gods and Demons — Biography of the four CHILDES

Title:Legend of gods and Demons — Biography of the four CHILDES Author:Infinite solution Description:”What is right and what is wrong? What is good and what is evil? It’s just that we have different positions. “

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Star Mark chaos

Title:Star Mark chaos Author:Brush dyeing Description:Heroes in troubled times and reincarnation in prosperous times. The soul taught in the starry sky, the soul breeds on the mainland and guards the pure land in the heart.

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