There are evil spirits in the heart

Title:There are evil spirits in the heart Author:Eroding heart and stealing marrow Description:They have no scruples, only follow their own heart, do not live in the eyes of others, do not change their original heart because of this dye vat,…

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The day of chaos

Title:The day of chaos Author:Wandering in the dark Description:The original writing is obsolete. Now I reopen a book. I hope I can stick to it and finish the story in my heart

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Imperial figure

Title:Imperial figure Author:Feint Description:Two thousand years ago, she fought in the world and unified all countries, but she was cursed by ancient witchcraft and was on the verge of death. The imperial concubine stood up and dissolved witchcraft. Unexpectedly, witchcraft…

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Through the God of war rebirth

Title:Through the God of war rebirth Author:June Gardenia Description:A teenager from the 21st century, facing the pursuit of the organization, crossing different continents under the wrong circumstances, facing the world in front of him, where should he go, accept new…

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Tianhuang change

Title:Tianhuang change Author:Ice flame Phoenix Description:Mo ziye was born in Sanxian aristocratic family with a natural disaster. He fell into the canyon due to a slip. He recognized the demon king Binghuang as his godfather and Yanhuang as his godmother….

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Title:Craving Author:Dark dust Street feather Description:The world always has a pair of eyes looking at you, no matter your destiny, no matter what you are, everything is under its control. If you are humble like an ant, you are doomed….

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Yingning’s return from mengxueyuan

Title:Yingning’s return from mengxueyuan Author:Xiao Yuanxin Description:The quark family and the dark family are at odds. The sprouting knight regiment composed of magic star, wisdom star, inflammation star, ten star and moon star is willing to sacrifice their lives to…

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Star battle demon

Title:Star battle demon Author:Pirate horn Description:A generation of God of war, Gu Tian, was framed by the royal family at the important stage of cultivation and breakthrough, but he was reincarnated to a 12-year-old Chen Xin, and got the legendary…

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God demon syndrome

Title:God demon syndrome Author:ylc公司 Description:The rules of the world will be changed. If God wants to block me, I will kill the God. If the devil wants to block me, I will cut down the devil.

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Step up in the dust

Title:Step up in the dust Author:Xiao Shenglu Description:Born on earth, always disturbed by the earth. Face the unknown actively, and one day you will stand on the top of the world and overlook thousands of creatures.

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