Out of control movie world

Title:Out of control movie world


Description:Just after a sleep, Yang Tao went through for no reason. He thought he was lucky to enter the movie world of “super power out of control”. He thought he could fight Nanshan nursing home, kick the kindergarten in the North District and dominate. But I didn’t expect that 50 years ago, there was an American captain. Not long after, iron man also stood in front of the world, twoOnly terrible monsters fight on the streets of New York, ancient mythical characters come unexpectedly, aegis appears, Hydra starts to make waves, and a series of superheroes and villains appear unexpectedly. As the five good youth in the new century, I wanted to adhere to the principle of watching the fun is not too big, but things backfired, this is the reasonThere are more secrets behind the world that involve it.

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