Only wish ordinary life

Title:Only wish ordinary life

Author:The spirit leads the dream

Description:Ordinary life, ordinary in the true, extraordinary people, doomed to extraordinary life. Huang Xiaocao is destined to be an extraordinary child since he was born. His mother became a ghost when he was just born, and his father disappeared. He was raised by his grandmother alone and was regarded as a disaster by the whole village. But Huang Xiaocao is not alone because he can see itMany normal people can’t understand the existence, such as the lonely old ghost on the cemetery, the tongue hanging ghost on the old tree in the village, the swollen water ghost in the river If God can give Huang Xiaocao a choice, Huang Xiaocao is only willing to be an ordinary woman, live an ordinary life and marry an ordinary manPeople, there is an ordinary home, but God does not, because the birth of Huang Xiaocao is destined to be an extraordinary life.

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