Once the emperor, once the Phoenix

Title:Once the emperor, once the Phoenix

Author:Young master of Lu family

Description:Seven emperors and seven women, will they live in the world, or will they share their lives with their beauties? How many people fell in the struggle for the throne, and how many people were lost in the mire of love? Once the son of heaven, once the Phoenix, the love of the king, scores several joys and sorrows. On the one hand, it is the emperor of the ninth five year plan, on the other hand, it is the famous Tang DynastyHuasheng, a man, seems to be admired by everyone except monks. But he only fell in love with a coquettish little girl. She duzui: “so many girls know you, are you very famous?” He laughed: “it’s not very famous, it’s just It looks better raw. ” She was angry“Now not only girls like you, but also men come to rob me! ” He can’t laugh or cry: “he talks nonsense.”

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