Omnipotent disciple

Title:Omnipotent disciple

Author:Big sweet jujube on drum

Description:A young undercover policeman, because of a failed mission, accidentally crossed into an unknown world. Under the wrong circumstances, he went up to the jade girl peak in a muddle headed way and became a handyman disciple. We have innovated martial arts, trained the militia, and expanded our territory. Our little disciples have mixed up in the Wulin, officialdom and battlefield, such asFish get water. The leaders of the outside strong and talented, the small princes with no double talents, the infatuated brothel, the ancient and modern women and other gentry… Why do these fairies of human beings who are shaped like these, who are not fond of the elegant talents, but tend to love to beat up the disciples? Singing love songs, playing rogue, fighting and plottingAll the wonderful stories are in the new book “omnipotent disciple”!

Author: miven

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