Notes on exploring Mausoleum

Title:Notes on exploring Mausoleum

Author:Six desires for heavenly daughter

Description:In the death prison of Huizhou government in the late Qing Dynasty, several prisoners sat on the ground and whispered. Then an old jailer came in. He was really very old. His eyes were deeply sunken, revealing two dark holes. He was not only old, but also blind and childless. That’s why he cameI’ve done this job on the death row. He groped his way, almost carefully taking out the food and putting it in front of the cell door. Although most of the prisoners were ferocious, they did not mean to embarrass a blind old jailer. Just as he trembled and groped for the last cell, he was ready to leaveWhen the food was put down, suddenly, a dry arm from the cell held him tightly. He was so scared that he knocked the porridge to the ground, and the whole person immediately knelt down.   

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