Nine turn samsara

Title:Nine turn samsara


Description:Life and death, reincarnation, inadvertently see this novel, you will embark on a road of no return… Ancient demons, now awakened again, human nature and demonic heart, justice and evil, love between men and women and brotherhood, when these are placed in front at the same time, how to choose. The seal of a thousand years, the nine turns of a hundred yearsSamsara seal has become the focus of shaking the human world, and the fate of the human world is gradually intertwined. The truth of things is often not visible to the naked eye, for the sake of the so-called good thoughts in the world, even if it is doomed, it will never look back. When we have to face the cruel reality, we have to stick to the faith in our heart, but we have to seek the truthI can live without regret. Guo Mingyi, Mo Ling, Zhu Ruoyun and Wang Fangyan will take you on this journey of reincarnation

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