Night Walker: twenty years of Pingyao

Title:Night Walker: twenty years of Pingyao

Author:Nanwu cassock science Buddha

Description:”Miao Trilogy” is a new work of Nanwu cassock science Buddha. “Man’s imitation is a demon, the spirit of things is the essence, and the soul of man is a ghost. The heaven and the earth are perverse, and all of a sudden they are very strange. The gods are evil, the people are crazy, and the heretics are heretics Hou Mo, a young vagrant in the south, found himself in an accident in 1998There is the blood of night walkers in his body, and he is also a very special “Lingming stone monkey”. It is a kind of blood cursed by heaven, and has a genetic defect that can’t survive for more than 30 years. In order to survive, he has to struggle from the unheard of time in the world.

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