Necromancer of the last World

Title:Necromancer of the last World

Author:Cool heart is not warm

Description:Doomsday, a sudden disaster, the world into a new era. It is full of dazzling strange powers, ancient mysterious atavism, and frightening sea of blood insects. There are countless opportunities and possibilities, but there are also too many killing and death. I don’t want to be trampled on like a mole antUnder the hard struggle, we have to have a cruel heart to adapt to the survival here. After his rebirth, Yang Shuo returned to his original starting point; in the previous life, he suffered too much regret and regret. In this life, he vowed to prevent all life. Eight armed demon ape, split air lion, thousand face ghost spider, ghost doll, scarab, nightmare beastYang Shuo is located on the top of the cliff, watching these monstrous beasts and insects that used to be frightening come out one by one. His eyes are as deep as the stars in the sky,

Author: miven

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