Naruto’s incredible possession

Title:Naruto’s incredible possession

Author:Words of dreams

Description:In order to become a member of the organization, nichata and yuzhibosasuke have gone through difficult tests: first, the test of Xiaonan and Penn: friendship; second, the test of yuzhiboweasel and dried persimmon ghost Shark: cooperation; third, the test of jiaodu and feiduan: persistence; fourth, the test of scorpion and Didala: work hard. Although they have successfully joined the Xiao organization, their purpose is different – to get strength, to revive to Ningci, and not to be looked down upon by anyone; yuzhibo to assist – revenge, to kill yuzhibo weasel! Whirlpool Naruto again and again found Xiao organization, came to Xiao organization, but again and againInjured n times, slightly injured 2 times, the first time to Hata, the second time yuzhibo Sasuke, who knows the feeling of being hurt again and again by his friends? However, it was not

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