Nano equation

Title:Nano equation

Author:Night and morning

Description:The traditional version: nanobug, in essence, is a micro invisible nanorobot. With its hardware, the equation formed by setting operation rules and feature calls exists in the real program of reality. Can it be as omnipotent as in the network!! Billboard: do you hate the stereotype and create the original power system for youDifferent wonderful!! Whether disgusted with the illusory, real theory for you to start the most real picture!! Wenqing Edition: the past is so thick that it’s hard to make up for it. All kinds of words hate words. I don’t want to denounce Fang Qiu, but only describe a dream in my life. PS: Well, actually this book is to fill the hole Change the concept of rewritingInterstellar insect surge Puff puff, the history of Zerg war and the history of Zerg development in the guise of science fiction

Author: miven

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