Myth world

Title:Myth world

Author:Guan Ju Bi Ma Wen

Description:He once held a bow and shot down nine suns; he once joined hands with the monkey king to make havoc in heaven; he once came to Jiangshui River and met three emperors and five emperors; he once led the jade emperor into Taoism outside Kunlun; he once killed the three princes of the East China Sea on the East China Sea; he once received the magic power from the ancient Buddha who lit the lamp on the foot of Xumi mountain; he once died on the East China SeaLingyun Watanabe saw the Tathagata leading the Buddha. He fought against Guanyin in Zhuzi Kingdom, denounced the Tathagata in paradise, and traded with Maitreya Buddha in Xiaoxitian. He once fell into six samsara and became a devil, but never gave in! Please pay attention to the mythical world crossing the WeChat official account: Guan Ju Bi Ma Wen. Myth world500 people QQ group: 104581938

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