Mysterious business card

Title:Mysterious business card

Author:The dream flutters

Description:Delicate business cards that seem ordinary are sent out from a computer maintenance department. When the person who receives a business card falls into the edge of despair and regret, the card will turn into a black card printed with a pure white capital letter G, and a section of electromagnetic wave stored in it will break into their brain. This electromagnetic wave records the life of a seaside villaAddress and a man’s magical voice, he said: come to the Bay manor, here will help you solve all problems.. In fact, Haiwan manor is the private manor of Zhang Nan, manager of computer maintenance department. The manor covers an area of 1000 mu. Apart from all kinds of vegetation, there is only a black medium-sized villa with a white G-shaped gate. The whole quiet manor and the villa are very mysterious. Zhang Nan’s real identity is Li Zhongtian, a 30-year-old Chinese American doctor of physics. He was an orphan

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