My years as a fortune teller

Title:My years as a fortune teller


Description:Fortune telling is not the burial of the book of changes, not the layout of geomancy, not divination In Northeast China, fortune teller and fortune teller’s mother-in-law are called “dingtangxian”. When someone who knows fortune telling dies, their descendants must replace their immortal bones and pass them on from generation to generation. And the immortal bone is their immortal Qi, which is this wayXianqi, let them see what others can’t see, and walk freely in the Yin and Yang. Soul summoning, corpse carrying, Yin crossing, Yin Yang Road, underworld, Yin market These are things that can’t be known in the world, but they appear in the world alive. From the day I was born, my destiny has been closely linked with “dingtang Fairy”Together, I inherited my grandmother’s immortal bone, and experienced strange and strange events in my life, which was enough to make the audience startled. I heard amazing stories and waited for me to tell them one by one

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