My strange boyfriend

Title:My strange boyfriend

Author:Gold is money

Description:When I was very young, I was fed the ghost fetus blood by the people in the village, and I became the baby parent of the ghost fetus. But I’m glad that the ghost boy hasn’t appeared since he was picked up by an old man at the age of seven. But happy things are not always long. When I was practicing, he came back. It is a pair of blood pupil when it appearsIn my dream, in the mirror, his body penetrates my clothes, and his skin is close to my skin, absorbing my breath. I’m afraid of urgency, but I can’t struggle. He once again designed me to drink his blood, sit in the empty house, throw the decoration effect pictures in his hand, and say to me, “choose one! You’ll live with me in the futureI’m sorry “I don’t want to live with you! I am an adult and I have the right to make my own choice. ” “Yes, you remind me, you are an adult, you can do something else

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