My star career

Title:My star career

Author:There are rice and beans

Description:Time: the next 3000 years; location: distant unknown potential galaxy, temporarily known as “rebirth”. In the next 3000 years, human science and technology are already superior, and various high-tech products will emerge in an endless stream. It is no longer a dream to visit the stars. As long as you have money, you can get a Star Trek ticket or robot housekeeper, or buy all kinds of super smart appliances, or buy life extending drugs (this drug is called rebirth, which is the main story line) and so on; in this highly developed era, there are still many poor people who yearn to spend, enjoy and, most importantly, live forever like the rich; but the reality is thatCruel, for a rebirth, they are willing to put all their savings out to support their children… Hu Tianxiang is an ordinary villain

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