MY reincarnation world

Title:MY reincarnation world

Author:Mo Tieyun

Description:A decadent college student, immersed in confusion all day, until one day, he picked up five broken samsara wristwatches. With intuition, he tried his best to study and explore the function of wristwatches. By using the items left behind by broken wristwatches, he built an alternative space of samsara, leading human civilizationTo diversify. Break away from the micro, firm from the confusion, strong from the weak, plain scene, bring the blood of the twists and turns. As the master of reincarnation space, hantie has been discussing with reincarnation people, struggling with the construction of reincarnation space system. On the earth, everyone is struggling to improve themselvesIn order to get the chance to become a reincarnator and get rid of the fate of life and death.

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