My peace of mind in the future world

Title:My peace of mind in the future world

Author:Saturn meow

Description:An ordinary girl goes to school and works in a high-tech world with mecha. The background of that world is like this: take our provinces and cities as planets, and our airplanes as aircraft ships. Don’t understand the time flow from the angle of the rotation and revolution of the planets. That piece is unified into a ephemeris, and don’t ask why people don’t recite oxygenThe gas cylinder can move around the world at will, and the technology of other people is different. The girl is a little lonely. She is worried about many people. She is not bad at all. She always tries to be happy. But strictly speaking, it’s not an inspirational article. It’s about the people and things she met along the way, especially the choice and persistence in life and emotion.

Author: miven

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