My name is Zhao Chuanqi

Title:My name is Zhao Chuanqi

Author:Internet star

Description:It is the duty of the Yin Yang master to protect the world from the evil spirits, and the Yin Yang master is born from it. But among the Yin Yang masters, one of them is born with spiritual power and ghost eyes. They are called ghost eye Yin Yang masters. The ghost eye Yin Yang teacher, known as the most terrible existence in the world, relies on his parentsThe ghost eye Yin Yang master, whose flesh and blood have survived, should have been extinct for a long time. The seven killing orders of gods and ghosts are called the most powerful magic skill in heaven and earth. Because this skill excessively reveals the secrets of heaven, it is blocked by demons and ghosts. The ghost eye Yin Yang master Yin Yang master is here. Only a few scattered people were left to hide in the mountainsAnd disappear into the world. Some people have also mentioned the ghost eye Yin Yang master and this technique. In this era of advanced technology and civilization, the seven killing orders of gods and ghosts and the Yin Yang division of ghost eyes are quietly coming out

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