My mom said I died 17 years ago

Title:My mom said I died 17 years ago

Author:Dongguo six wolves

Description:One night, a pale mysterious man came to the house. The next day, my mother went missing with the mysterious man. I searched the house and found only one letter that my mother left me. I really can’t accept the things in the letter. My mother told me that I had died seventeen years ago and never let those things catch meIf I want to continue to live as a dead man, I have to find my out of tune uncle. Since then, my uncle and I have embarked on a journey out of tune. The mysterious sea of blood, the weird underground passage of Kunlun Mountain, the legend of Hou Yi’s poor country, the terrible skeleton king in the sea of corpses. Qin left by his fatherWhat is recorded in the bamboo slips? I want to continue to live as a dead man. I don’t want to be caught by them. I have to move on.

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