My maid robot

Title:My maid robot

Author:Bright moon and midnight

Description:Want superpowers? Maid robots help you with genetic modification. Want money? The maid robot helps you transfer money directly from the invisible accounts in the bank. Want to travel to Mars? Maid robots can help you save a spaceship. Even if you want to cross, the maid robot can help you build oneSpace access. But remember not to make a wish, because the maid robot will try its best to complete your instructions. If you accidentally say “want to experience the biochemical crisis”, it will cause the maid robot to go out and put t virus, that’s bad. PS: alien spaceship exploded, all kinds of chaosBad things are all over the place. Some of them become superheroes, while others become super criminals! There are even some people who have picked up the plane portal and made it

Author: miven

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