My long life lock

Title:My long life lock

Author:Silence of dreams

Description:My name is Song Ming. I was born in an ordinary mountain village but not an ordinary boy. On July 15, 1994, the third night of the night, that is, the ghost festival when the legend of the ghost door opened, I came to this world. Fate is determined by nature, life is such a tragedy. When I was very young, I accidentally intruded into an adult because of a playIn order to save me, grandma was sent to the altar innocently. But I remember clearly that grandma’s smile on the last side was so kind Since that happened, all the strange things have followed: when I was 12 years old, my parents disappeared, and since then I have been living with my old grandfather for three yearsYears later, my grandfather died strangely, and I was the only family member left in the world. Just when I was poor and at a loss, I was a mysterious old man who claimed to be my grandfather’s friend

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