My last boyfriend is a pot

Title:My last boyfriend is a pot

Author:A cat

Description:At the end of the world, materials are precious, but Fang Ru has a food stall. But why is it a medicine pot?! If you don’t grow up, you will be hungry soon. If you don’t give him food, you will eat her soul! Well, in order to earn food for the pot, Fang Ru works hard. But Why did you make a pot full for yourself? Signed for saleI’m hungry and want to eat. Slave owner Fang Ru waves a small whip: there are 1000 potions left to complete the order. When is the end of the frying. The villain’s third uncle hid behind the wall: No, isn’t this pot a big family killer? Instead of losing her life, she became more and more alive!Fang Ru and the pot throw the killing sight together! Hey, uncle, don’t run! Why send him to me / me to her! Come on, let’s talk about life! If you guys

Author: miven

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