My husband is a ghost

Title:My husband is a ghost

Author:Gold is money

Description:Wang Keren is always touched by a male ghost at night, or his whole body, including that kind of privacy. Peach wood sword, scissors, five emperor money, but it has no effect on the ghost. I found Mr. Feng Shui and learned that it was her husband. Did she help others to open a Luban lock box a few years ago and hurt her handIt’s stained with blood. Is that a red paper dress in that box? It turned out to be the betrothal gift of the ghost marriage. Wang Keren was involved in a conspiracy that lasted for decades. The cen family’s secret for decades, gold zero son did not have the courage to continue to explore the answer, let Wang Keren to complete. Qu Tian, CEN zuhang, was refined by Wei HuaThe ghost, with Wang Keren wandering in a house.

Author: miven

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