My flying saucer

Title:My flying saucer

Author:Robot 18

Description:”Ordinary people can’t see us.” “Goat stars love peace.” “We see you as one of our kind.” “We can turn dung into gold.” “Planting two sheep’s horns on your head is more in line with the mainstream aesthetics of the universe.” “Other people have only one life. You are different. You have more lives than cats.””We play the role of God on the ectopic side, and you can, if you like.” “Occasionally, we also play ordinary people and test the hardness of the dragon’s body with particle weapons.” “Ectopic face has a lot of beautiful women, are the type you like, you can open the back palace…” “life is not easy, we can do itAnd cherish it. ” … Sumer bought a flying saucer model on Taobao, but he didn’t expect that this model with 90% war damage was really a spaceship!

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