Multi level expeditionary force

Title:Multi level expeditionary force

Author:My next door

Description:Arrogant version: in the morning, I got up from a big bed of 4 million square kilometers. Nine giant dragons took me to the toilet with their spaceship. 108 maids from all walks of life waited on me to wash. They drove the No.0 plane repaired by the sentinel to the hotel 14000 kilometers away, and then garbled with century soupFunny version: I live next door. My surname is Wang. You can’t point out that it’s my seed. So kneel down and my time is very valuable. Hand in your credit points and soldiers, or I’ll recognize: / / / longtengx. Your father… Standard Version: This is just an ordinary young man (really ordinary),He was forced to join the position expeditionary army of the Empire. From then on, he had a happy day of promotion and salary increase, becoming the general manager, becoming CEO, marrying Bai Fumei and going to the top of his life

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