Mountain and sea diary

Title:Mountain and sea diary

Author:Fang Hanzhi

Description:The most mysterious knowledge in China is Yin Yang and eight trigrams; the most magical book in China is Shanhaijing; the most mysterious technique in China is Meihua Yishu; Fang Hanzhi, who is proficient in Meihua Yishu, and Zu Zhongliu, who is proficient in eight character fortune telling, happen to meet the God ten thousand years ago, go to the bottom of the sea, go to Kunlun, and go to the bottom of the seaDu, exploring Miao village Gradually explore the traces of activities in the Yanhuang period and find that some people are still there! Still using all kinds of methods to influence the present life! In this process, all kinds of incredible changes have taken place in Fang Hanzhi and zuzhongliu! What are we? Where does it come from? Where to go? MengHexagram (landscape Meng)? Meng. Hang. I beg for Tongmeng, Tongmeng beg for me. The first divination tells, repeatedly blasphemes, blasphemes do not tell. Lizhen. The elephant said: spring comes out from the foot of the mountain, and Mongolia. Jun

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