Mountain and river travel

Title:Mountain and river travel

Author:Liu Lang

Description:In the late Northern Song Dynasty, Zhao Ji, the Hui Zong, was in power, and trusted the treacherous officials. The state and government were increasingly erosive and trapped at home and abroad. However, Zhao Ji still lived in a state of obscene and ended up with the shame of Jingkang. Zhao Jian, king of Kang, was in the south, and the great rivers and mountains in the North fell. My Han family children were trampled under the hoof of Hu Lu. The mountains and rivers are broken, and the gold army passes through the place, and the corpses are full of blood,The people in the hundred Li Dynasty were in a state of great influence, and Zhao Jian biaan regime was in a turbulent state. Our leading role is Huang Quan, a young man in the 21st century, master of both Chinese and economics. He is a senior administrative unit cadre at a young age. However, on the evening of the interaction between thunder and electricity, he crossed the early Southern Song Dynasty and lived in a scholar who was seeking for life and seeking lifeLang. In the face of dim prospects, what kind of road will our protagonist take?

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