Monitoring tianqin people

Title:Monitoring tianqin people

Author:Mr. Wang Yanqing

Description:In a small town on the outskirts of Beijing, a cattle slaughtering incident broke out. There was no bloodstain but only wounds. Nine cattle died in a strange way overnight. Local villagers were extremely panicked. Wang LongQian, deputy director of the Bureau of investigation, and an elite team of experts and professors from various universities in the capital urgently intervened in the investigation. This is consistent with the investigation results of cattle slaughtering in other countriesIt seems that no conjecture is logical under the existing scientific conditions. At this time, Mei Lin, an imaginative professor of the Academy of life sciences, put forward an incredible conjecture, which connected all the phenomena together. However, this conjecture was suppressed within the Bureau of investigation. What happened next fully verified Mei Lin’s conjecture.In order to meet the challenge of the new extraterrestrial civilization, the Bureau of investigation adjusted its staffing and improved its investigation ideas, and finally solved the long-standing mystery on earth: Atlantis

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