Mock Negotiation

Title:Mock Negotiation

Author:Magic stone 1942

Description:Limited resources, boundless breeding, three feet of God, cold eye. The rule of chaos. Everything in the world has its own rules, except for human beings. There are too many unstable factors in the opaque human body. So the decisions they make are so different that it’s hard to understand. Only the heart is strong and the mind is wiseWisdom can survive in the universe. Time maze: let people’s brain acceleration operation, equivalent to speed up the game process. Let every child born have 150 social experience and knowledge accumulation. College time: time allocation, 10% of the time for self-cultivationStrengthen the body; constantly absorb new body, fusion technology. Old people end up leaving only a backup. The only humane thing is to remove consciousness. How to survive in the dark forest:

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