Mirror the world

Title:Mirror the world

Author:Wen Ke Nan Gong hen

Description:Super power out of control in the extraordinary Road, never stop in the industry burning. In the romance of dragon and snake, the emperor created a new way of life. In the Tang Dynasty, shuanglongli slaughtered Jiaolong and made peace in troubled times. (book friends 471450600) this is a journey for a Taoist to pursue the unknown. Look at him: stepping on the beacon fire, breaking into the troubled times, and peace in the nine realms. DouA wise man, who knows how to be immortal and Buddha, is respected in all ages. After the world: looking for Qin Mingyue, fire shadow explore the starry sky. Yang god gets Tao fruit, the emperor and all the people die. What kind of seek my idea, flick a finger to cover the sky. “Thanks to Suyi Qingyan, the cover group of starting point forum, for providing the cover!” (new book, please click collection, thank you very much!)

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