Ming shop

Title:Ming shop

Author:Xiner o

Description:It is said that on the night of the full moon 15, there will be a mysterious No. 45 shop in Hualu street. And someone who has a destiny will come to this shop unconsciously. This shop can realize the wish that can’t be realized under normal circumstances. The price is to pay a drop of your blood and your most important “thing”. The human maiden who signed the contractThe fate entangled by misfortune. And the black witch behind the scenes… Who is the controller? Who is a doll? Hidden lines, where will the girl who is manipulated by fate go? As night falls, who will be her next prey? Strange events, hidden mysteriesThe characters sneer in the dark. The door of the store is open to you. Human beings can’t escape the manipulation of fate! Even so, I still do

Author: miven

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