Description:Xu Jingxi: haven’t you heard of the wolf in sheep’s clothing? That’s him! Looking at the well-dressed, stripped clothes is actually a beast! As soon as the words came to an end, a warm voice came from behind: how do you know that I’m a beast when I take off my clothes? Miss XuDid you pick my clothes? *On spring night, Xu Jingxi once warned the people on the bed while carrying his trousers: I’m going to bed with you just to meet each other’s physiological needs, right?! I see. One day, their mutual friend found something wrong and asked: what’s your relationship now? Xu Jingxi: it doesn’t matter´╝ü Han Yu: the gun calm turn head to face of the people say: you said. Xu Jingxi’s dream is to be a big director and make good pictures: / /.Longteng

Author: miven

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