Millennium love and Warring States dream

Title:Millennium love and Warring States dream


Description:In order to find Lin Feng, Princess Xiong Yi of the state of Chu gave her soul reincarnation at the cost of her life. But unexpectedly, the reason for the second defect of reincarnation comes to the future before the hero Chen Hao (Lin Feng) has gone through. Yu Mengyao (Xiong Yi) had a kind of love for Chen Hao (Lin Feng) because of her marriage in her previous lifeMurong Hua, who is deeply in love with Yu Mengyao, hates the protagonist and asks her father’s comrades in arms to kill Chen Hao. In this way, by chance, Chen Hao was pushed into a cliff, crossing the Warring States period and continuing with Xiong Yi

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