Miaomiao Xiuxian Road

Title:Miaomiao Xiuxian Road

Author:Cat’s time on the moon

Description:This is a story about a female master who wears the interstellar skin and is actually a mysterious immortal. She carries a space trading device, fights monsters and upgrades, and gets rich. Miaomiao said that since the advent of the space trader. Master, I don’t have to worry about my practice anymore. Meow ~ what? The transaction device has to cross the plane to do tasks to get the transaction currency´╝č what? Is the two star mission going to the original plane? what? Samsung mission to go to the end of the world, beauty war zombie? This article 1v1, no mecha. Starting from the starting point, the day is more than 4000, welcome to jump the pit. Miaomiao is coquettish and cute. Lie on the ground and show your belly, please follow the hair and tease meow~

Author: miven

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