Memory inheritor

Title:Memory inheritor

Author:Sulbactam Sodium

Description:Now, please close your eyes and observe carefully in the dark, you will see a little bright spot. This is memory Lingzi. People’s memory is immortal, when people die, his memory will be transformed into memory Lingzi, scattered in the world. In the future, the theory of memory will be proved. Thirty thousandTen years later, due to the influence of the solar magnetic explosion, all the electronic equipment on the earth was suddenly paralyzed, and there was no possibility of using it any more. Once the disk array used to record all kinds of data for thousands of years was destroyed, the high civilization would be destroyed in a short time. Therefore, the theory of memory Lingzi and memory inheritance began to develop in such an environmentIt developed and finally became the mainstream of society. Collect the memory Lingzi, the memory inheritor who makes the Lingzi light ball, and absorb the Lingzi light ball to obtain the memory

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