Meishan Shidao

Title:Meishan Shidao

Author:Mufu mountain people

Description:Chu has a vast territory and is tolerant. It is deeply influenced by Buddhism and the local witchcraft, which has been handed down from generation to generation. It is a mixture of different genres. I came to write novels because I have read a lot of supernatural / religious / Taoist novels. I think that since I know magic, I should write them. Let’s talk about XiangchuReligion and its magic appeared in the book of Daoism and magic in the territory, whether it is effective or not, is true in reality (because not all people want to use it, even the mage, everyone is good at it is different). This novel is a slow novel, because I am also a quiet and leisurely personThose who want to read this novel are also in a relaxed mood to read this novel at a slow pace

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