Meiman Big Bang

Title:Meiman Big Bang

Author:Steel iron fist

Description:This is a new world where marvel and DC are integrated. In this world, there are Marvel’s Spiderman, deadman and Hulk, DC’s Superman, Batman and Dr. Manhattan. Wang Hai, as the illegitimate son of Odin, the king of Asgard, was born with divine power, iron and steel body, and even more powerful in his bodyHidden is the supreme power of controlling water elements. However, compared with the more and more terrible super villains, it seems that this is not enough. Green demon strengthening potion, death service self-healing factor, immortal body of wonder woman, super hawk serum All will be the target of Wang Hai’s collection!! PS1. Non crossing, non harem writing,The classic Marvel DC story PS2. Also called “Marvel DC Big Bang”

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