Meet Yin Po

Title:Meet Yin Po

Author:Taoist master nine

Description:My grandmother said that as soon as I was born, I was less masculine than other children. For this strange breath, I had to inherit my grandmother’s mantle and become a “Yin lady”. In this line, Chen Jinggu, the goddess of Shun heaven, is the founder of the family. She is a full-time midwife for pregnant women. She has four unique skills: connecting Yin, returning Yang, walking the dragon and cutting. In the small, the mother and the child are safe; in the large, the cause and effect are cut off, so that the evils created by adults do not fall on their children. The female ghost suppressed under the big locust tree, the river boy hidden in the lotus pool, and the ghost miscarried in the random grave Hill Evil and strange things happen every day in the countryside. The ancestral Yin and yang are cut in hand. Once cut, life and death will be decided!Shadow gate of shadow killing, corpse driving for a living, Danding gate of both men and women, eclosion gate of eating baby to prolong life All kinds of things that you don’t know but actually exist

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