Marvel’s hero system

Title:Marvel’s hero system

Author:The wise are like the wind

Description:When crossing to marvel, he carries a system with him. As long as he has enough exchange points, he can exchange various abilities and skills, such as wheel eye writing, soul chopping knife, magnetic manipulation, telepathy, blinking, freezing power, er, etc. What is this seduction, and what is this transformed bunny! Of course, I want to get itExchange point, to complete a variety of tasks, such as saving the world! wait! Let me slow down! Wei Mao is to save the world! Looking at the mission introduction, Leo roared loudly! PS 1: please focus on the movie plot. PS 2: please focus on the author’s plot PS 3: please give up the timeline. PS 4: such asIf you fall into confusion, coma, poisoning, insanity and other negative states in reading this book, you will not be responsible!

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