Marvel’s best Summoner

Title:Marvel’s best Summoner

Author:Chiyou, the wizard

Description:In an accident, Lin Hao, who came to manwei universe, was surprised to find that his summoning skills can still be used Green light vs. X-Men, Batman vs. iron man, wonder woman vs. black widow, green arrow vs. eagle eye, clown vs. Jin Bing Flash seems to be faster than Professor XSmart, the catcher seems to kill everything, silver is very lonely You have swallowing stars, I have Lucifer, you have mieba, I have Michael. It seems that the fierce beast can only watch with eyes. You have five beings, I also have, you have OAA. Well, Lin Hao can only choose to stand up by himself But before thatIt seems that Lin Hao needs to solve the problem of illegal households first. Obviously, the clown has a very good idea about it.

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