Marvel catcher

Title:Marvel catcher

Author:Stepping on the snow

Description:When visiting the gun of Longinus, the sacred vessel, he was killed by accident, and Emir crossed to marvel world and became a ghost. Mephisto: it’s weird. He shouldn’t have died. I can’t feel his fate Spear nun: “we should form the watchmen alliance. The night devil, the blade warrior and the evil spirit knight have all been killedI’m in. ” Red skull: “Emil, like iron man and Captain America, is the guy I hate the most. He is the biggest enemy of our Hydra!” Spider Man: “I hate the mutant registration act, but Emile, I’m not Mr. magic or Dr. doom. What do you think I can do?”If you have nothing to do, you can develop your ability in the X-Men’s school, follow Raytheon to visit the fairyland palace, and travel with the Hulk in the universe. To solve the dark Dynasty is the era of Emir!

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